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Completely surrounded by cities  that represent Silicon Valley’s most powerful players, Sunnyvale serves as a residential neighbor to Mountain View, Cupertino, and Santa Clara. To the north is the San Francisco Bay along with wildlife refuge of marches, salt ponds, and scenic trails. The close proximity of employment centers has encouraged such a steady stream of newcomers and development that Sunnyvale now ranks second only to San Jose as the most populous city in Santa Clara County.


Shifting from its former image of a bedroom community into a viable economic force within Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale is now home to hundreds of high-tech firms specializing in everything from semiconductors to bio-technology, global positioning equipment, and Lockheed Martin’s space satellites. Recreational and commercial amenities abound, including seventeen parks, major shopping centers, restaurants, and popular night spots for comedy and live entertainment.


Sunnyvale offers a wide selection of housing options, although three-bedroom models constructed from 1955 to 1985 constitute the lion’s share. While construction slowed somewhat during the ‘80s, most cities would find the pace of new additions to be dizzying. In fact, another 10,000 apartments and homes sprang up just within the last decade of the ‘90s. Like many of the communities throughout the Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale continues to be fortunate in attracting residents who place a high value on renovations and improvements of their mature homes and properties.


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