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Santa Clara



One of the most populous of the  county’s cities, Santa Clara is a mix of robust economic activity, attractive commercial amenities, entertainment sites, and neighborhoods of well-kept homes. Although many residential areas feature homes with a suburban ‘50s or ‘60s appearance, extensive renovations, remodeling, and lovely landscaping are the rule.


Like San Jose and Cupertino, the city stands tall as one of the high-tech meccas within Silicon Valley. This fact is even more impressive when you consider that Santa Clara intensely and aggressively courted and won the favor of leading corporations like Intel, Applied Materials, 3-Com, and Synoptics. The city’s rapid economic development was a direct result of ingenious strategic planning.


The reward for this proliferation of flourishing business and industry is a strong tax base and amenities that include over 30 parks, playgrounds, golf courses, theater, athletic fields, and a myriad of activities that appeal to all age groups and interests. Other highlights include the presence of Santa Clara University, with its lush campus and famous Mission Santa Clara de Asis that includes a 1,000-seat Basilica and museum. Santa Clara also offers the two-year Mission College, Triton Museum of Art, and a major amusement park.


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