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Salinas serves as the county seat of  Monterey County. Located in what is referred to as the Salinas Valley, Salinas is located on Highway 1 and is accessed by traveling on Highway 68 east from the Monterey Peninsula. Offering a distinct inland environment, Salinas is surrounded by rolling hills, agricultural fields, and rivers.


One of the most modern attractions in Salinas is the National Steinbeck Center. This 37,000-square foot museum and cultural center was built to celebrate and honor the life and works of the area’s own legend, author John Steinbeck. Visitors to the center enjoy interactive exhibits, a changing gallery, an entire wing of agricultural displays, a gift shop, and an inviting restaurant.


Known as the “Salad Bowl of the World,” the Salinas Valley produces numerous fruits and vegetables including broccoli, lettuce, artichokes, strawberries, and carrots. As the fuel behind Monterey County’s economy, agriculture is the county’s leading industry grossing $2 billion annually. Salinas residents benefit from this agricultural environment through roadside stands, “you pick” farms, farmer’s markets, wineries, and local restaurants that serve the freshest produce available.


Community annual events include the California Rodeo, the California International Air Show, the Steinbeck Festival, and Cherry’s Jubilee.
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