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The community of Davenport is a  small historic residential area that overlooks the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary approximately 12 miles north of the City of Santa Cruz on scenic Highway 1. In years past, the community was a tiny seaside settlement famous for its thriving whaling industry. In fact, Davenport was named for an early resident who established his own whaling business after the Civil War. Today, the cliffs and beaches offer some of the best vantage points for whale watching during the mammal’s annual coastal migration period.


The portion of the coastal area that houses Davenport is unique in its ability to remain undeveloped over the years. This unspoiled setting has made is possible for the area’s beauty to be delicately preserved. Here, undisturbed coastal terraces and spectacular cliffs line the sea and a series of pastoral ranches and farms dot the landscape.


Popular recreational destinations include Davenport Beach, Ano Nuevo Elephant Seal Reserve, Greyhound Rock County Park, Rancho Del Oso Nature/History Center, and Waddell State Beach.